Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

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Are you designing your dream home this Christmas? Do you want to make this process as simple, stress-free and budget-friendly as possible? Then say goodbye to the days of compromising your vision on the basis of affordability or conflicting views; and say hello to bespoke, versatile and super-efficient infrared heating panels.

So how can you make your infrared heating panels bespoke? We know that each of our customers has their own taste in style, so we are giving you the power to design the panels to encapsulate your vision. Whether that’s a Renaissance Painting, an edgy design or a family portrait, you can have absolutely anything printed on the panels. This saves both time and money as you can sort out the heating and design feature in each room with one easy-to-install product.

Our panels are incredibly versatile, as we have a variety of options for every room in the house ranging from the bathroom to the conservatory. The infrared panels come in a multitude of different sizes and can be hung however you want on the ceiling, on the wall or even on the floor with feet. What’s more is that you don’t even have to worry about installation; at an additional cost, we can fit the panels into your homes exactly the way you want.

To find out more from our design engineers and to discover how we can help make your dreams a reality, contact us on 01204 520544, email us at or visit our website
With infrared heating panels, we hope to warm your homes this Christmas.

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