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Bri-Tek Technologies is a market leading supplier of eco-tech solutions

Bri-Tek Technologies has remained at the forefront of the energy-efficient technology sector since 2010, delivering a series of innovative LED lighting, super-efficient InfraRed heating and emergency lighting products for the industrial and commercial sectors.

From eco-friendly solar powered LED streetlights to stunning architectural lamps, ATEX-approved explosion proof options for hazardous locations and a high-quality series of LED luminaires, Bri-Tek Technologies’ has one of the largest ranges of lighting solutions in the UK.

The company’s flagship product is the Universal Emergency Back-Up Battery – a solution that has already helped dramatically improve emergency evacuation procedures across a wide range of applications.

Bri-Tek Technologies is also one of the first companies to offer InfraRed heating panels, designed to seamlessly deliver stylish design, highly-efficient heat distribution and substantial energy savings for domestic and commercial buildings.

Quick and easy to install in any room, the InfraRed heating panels can be wall or ceiling mounted and are designed to reduce energy costs by up to 80%.

Bri-Tek Technologies continues to innovate to discover new solutions that can reduce energy consumption for businesses around the world.

To find out more information, call 0161 850 0905 or email [email protected].

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