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    Interest Free Finance

    Like to substantially cut your lighting & heating bill but hesitate because of initial capital outlay?


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    Britek Canopy Lighting for Petrol Stations

    Find out more about our versatile range of canopy lighting


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    Carbon Trust Grant

    Do you want a grant of up to £5,000 from the Carbon Trust?


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    Downlights 8"

    Low Wattage Flat Panels


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    Grill Panels / Wavey Panels

    Bespoke & Standard Sizes
    Different Temperatures & Wattages


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    Street Lights

    View our extensive range of street lighting


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    Bri-Tek's LED Emergency Battery

    TESTED by the Lighting Industry Association

  • LED 2D 12W Rimless Ceiling Light

    LED 2D 12W Rimless Ceiling Light

    Bri-Tek have introduced an LED 2d ceiling light, in an elegant, rimless version

    The product is being launched at a highly competitive price, making it one of the most stand out 2d ceiling lights for 2018

    Available in 12 watts, with an IP54 rating, the Bri-Tek 2d ceiling light comes with the following options. Standard, sensor and emergency

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Free Audit & Design

Get a free lighting audit from our team of specially trained Energy Engineers!


Our led lights are rated for at least 30,000 hours which when run for 4 hours every day will last over 20 years!

Unlike CFL lights LED lights are instantly on & off so no need to wait for them to turn on. Environmentally friendly with no mercury or hazardous material, Zero UV Emissions and a small amount of infrared light will benefit businesses as its suitable for materials that are sensitive to heat as the LEDs give off very little heat. The lack of UV emissions will help in places where important materials can be affected such as galleries, schools, museums.

We offer bespoke solutions and with our in-house lighting designers offering a free lighting design to make sure you get exactly what you need. Working closely with nationwide electrical wholesalers to deliver business winning products at affordable prices.

From its inception over 4 years ago, Bri-Tek has become a leading member of the LED lighting market which just recently was voted in the top 1% of the fastest growing LED lighting business and consistently specified on projects to its superior specification and reliability. Give us a call on 0161 850 0905 to find out more or click here to find out more about our LED security light, led light bulbs or any other of our commercial or domestic lighting.