Don’t be a Caged-Bird, be a Free-Range Chick!

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Oh, the cold, dark Winter months. The heating gets cranked up to full power; thick fluffy blankets are brought down from the attic; majority of your day is spent cramped up indoors.

After a few months of miserable weather and being stuck in the house, your mood begins to deteriorate. You start to go stir-crazy, and long for some fresh air. But it’s too dark to venture into the garden, and it’s freezing outside! Why would you ever leave the house?!

After months of being cooped up like a caged hen, you finally leave the house and flourish as a free-range chicken. But now you’ve wasted your winter, not spent any time in your garden and having spent thousands of pounds on landscaping, you’ve become a sad, irritable little hen.

But how are you supposed to go outside if it’s already pitch-black by 4pm?
It’s not safe when it’s dark- what if you trip over and break your leg?

I have a solution for you. 3 words: LED path lights.
They’re energy-efficient, sophisticated and modern. At LEDswitchover, we offer a range of styles to spruce up your garden, from traditional to quirky, modern designs. We want you to feel safe, add a unique feature to your garden and spend more time outdoors even in winter.

Studies have shown that people who spend more time outside have a more positive body image and a higher self-esteem. Spending just 20 minutes outside has been shown to lower stress, blood press and heart rate, while encouraging physical activity, boosting your mood and mental health.

Efficiency is a top priority for us. LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting as 85% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light. Now you can save money on your bills, and rest assured that it’s safe to be outside, even at night. Our path lights are also super-affordable and heavily discounted, as we want to offer you the best prices possible.

Don’t waste any more time being a sad hen. Be a free-range hen. Visit our website to buy now and speak to a member of our team as we’re happy to help. But hurry! Our lights have a limited stock and when they’re gone, they’re gone!
Tel: 0161 850 0905

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