Established over 13 years, Bri-Tek Technologies is an
award winning company for innovation

Bri-Tek constantly utilises technologies that push the boundaries to achieve quality, innovative and highly energy efficient LED lighting solutions. Delivering a sound business case with value and real CO2 reductions for customers is a key component of what we offer. As a result of this continued effort to lead from the front lines, Bri-Tek has established one of the UK’s widest ranges of LED lighting solutions on the market. Our key USP is where standard solutions won’t suffice we will design, manufacture and assemble bespoke solutions to meet those requirements.

Bri-Tek maintains high quality and efficiency of service in the LED lighting sector while delivering true value and solid performance standards in its low energy-long life LED lighting products.

We also recognise that our responsibility goes far beyond the LED lights that Bri-Tek is known for. There is a company wide initiative to ensure that all of our lamps are designed and manufactured to the highest standards with due care and attention to the environment. Our manufacturing facilities in the UK and our partners overseas are thoroughly audited on their technical and quality standards in line with Bri-Tek’s CSR policies to ensure that our products are manufactured in an ethical, fair and clean environment.

We believe that how we deliver our products and provide our services is just as important as the products themselves. Bri-Tek gets involved with local communities, councils, government and environmental groups to help educate and drive sustainability in the environment, both locally and internationally.

We at Bri-Tek aim to inspire individuals and communities to make simple changes that will have a significant positive impact on not only their own lives, but on the environment as a whole.

Bri-Tek Technologies has now evolved into a net-zero solutions provider, supplying a range of eco solutions ranging from LED lighting, far infrared heating, solar PV, battery storage, wind turbines and EV solutions.

We have one of the biggest ranges of LED lighting for the industrial and commercial sector in the UK

Bri-Tek is committed to driving the transition to clean and efficient lighting solutions by helping businesses and individuals reduce their carbon emissions by several tons each year.

Bri-Tek intends to provide superior quality products at affordable prices. We want to deliver real solutions to tackle not only the energy costs but also the global costs of carbon emissions.

Bri-Tek aims to efficiently distribute products and services and to offer continuous support throughout the entire process.