Infrared Heating

Why Infrared?

InfraRed heating is a brand new heating technology that is in its infancy in the UK. It can be used in commercial and domestic buildings and has been proven to remove damp in older housing stock.

What is InfraRed Heating

InfraRed Heating panels work by providing electromagnetic radiation, that is invisible to the naked eye. Rather than heating the air – like traditional gas, oil and electric systems – infrared heats the very fabric of your building. The biggest source of natural infrared radiation and heat is our sun, and it is the infrared radiation that means you can feel its heat on your skin even during winter. Infrared heating operates in the same way, allowing all objects the infrared waves touch absorb the infrared heat, including yourself, and slowly release it back into space.

The larger chip size, Gold Line, and the red copper for the bracket are the main features that extend the lifespan of the LED. Initially there will be no visual difference to the user but after 2 to 3 months of use the efficiency and luminosity of the cheaper LED Panel light would start to diminish and visually become evident. The Premium Panels also have a SDCM (Standard Deviation Colour Matching) rating which in effect means that the LED’s are tested and banded into the same colour temperature whereas the Standard Panels are not tested to this level. This ensures that the LED’s are consistant with their colour temperature.

InfraRed Heating Systems for domestic and commercial buildings
How efficient is it?

The process is 100% energy efficient, delivering significant energy and cost saving benefits. This means that an infrared heating system is much more efficient than more traditional heating methods, as all infrared ray would be absorbed by objects around the home, or the home itself, and none is wasted. The reason that people are able to survive in areas where the air itself is extremely cold is due to infrared rays heating their bodies, which proves that heating air, as traditional heating systems do, is not the most efficient way to ensure your home is warmed efficiently.

What are the benefits?

Infrared Heating offers a number of benefits in terms of energy efficiency, the environment, as well as more practical benefits for both yourself and your home. Infrared Heating systems cause less dust and pollutants, by heating the fabric of your home rather than just the air, which is a benefit to any asthma or allergy sufferers, as less pollutants means there is less to breathe in, as well as providing obvious environmental benefits. Infrared Heating can also reduce the risk of damp and mould, by heating the actual walls of your property. This can minimise the risk of any expensive damage being done to your house and decorations as a result of damp.

As well as the personal benefits, infrared heating can be 100% energy efficient, provided your property is insulated correctly, which as well as being more environmentally friendly, will lead to significant financial savings.

To optimise the energy saving potential, we recommend that all our customers fit their panels with our very own thermostats. This will enable you to automatically switch on or off at a desired temperature, this means you will not have to keep using the heater once you have a preferred room temperature. This also means that you can set different temperatures for different rooms.