Linear Series

At Bri-Tek Technologies, we have sleek, energy-efficient InfraRed heating panels with a matt black design that can be wall-mounted: The Linear Series. These panels are brilliant as they are applicable for indoor and outdoor use, and they are thermostatically controlled with a 9-hour programme cycle. The Linear Series Infrared Heating Panels are super easy to install and will produce a comfortable, natural radiant heat, warming the objects and people within the environment. Consequently, this reduces wasted energy, and gives you a money-back guarantee as you save money compared to traditional heaters. We love the smooth, edgy design of the Linear Series and we think that it is perfect for a plethora of applications including your home, office, corridor or retail outlet. The sustainable technology makes it a perfect greener, ethical choice for the environment.

The Linear Series Infrared Heating panels come in a range of electrical power rating, ranging from 1200W to 3000W, so whatever power you need, Bri-Tek Technologies has got you covered. Check out our exciting collection of Linear Series Infrared Heating Panels online today!