LED Tubes and Battens

A perfect choice to replace traditional fluorescent lighting tubes are our range of LED tubes which offer a greater lifespan and greater energy efficiency. The product is a popular choice for places such as railway stations, offices, warehouses and residential buildings where it’s functionality and durability are ideal.

The tubes come in a variety of lengths and wattage suitable for various areas and places of size and they require minimal maintenance due to their proficiency and longevity. They will create an even, consistent light source without any flickers or faults and are eco effective resulting in energy savings of 50%.

Our battens are slimline and are suitable for ceiling, wall or pendant mounting with easy installation. Made of Glass Re-enforced Plastic (GRP), they provide exceptional light to areas such as warehouses, garages and stockrooms and make a great solution for multiple lighting applications whilst still saving you money due to their cost-effective technology.