FREE Lighting Audit from Bri-Tek!

One thing we at Bri-Tek are well aware of is the fact that lighting costs generally take up a large portion of your energy bill.

To help make the switchover process as easy as possible for you, Bri-Tek is offering Lighting Audits for all premises. It is completely free of charge and requires no obligation.

What can I learn from a Lighting Audit?

With Bri-Tek’s Lighting Audit, you will receive a concise report containing a breakdown of your energy consumption along with what you are currently spending on lighting. We will even include an estimate of how many months it will take until your new LED lamps have effectively paid for themselves in energy savings!

By undertaking a Lighting Audit, we can give you accurate running costs of your existing lighting systems and provide you with a detailed report of the ways Bri-Tek can help reduce those costs as much as possible. We aim to provide a payback of under 1 year in a domestic scenario and under 2 years in a commercial environment

Let Bri-Tek show you how much money you can save!

WEEE Services

All lamps covered by the WEEE regulations are marked with the symbol to the right. Products that bear this symbol must be disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

Bri-Tek has proudly partnered with Recolight to provide a convenient solution that ensures that all lamps covered by this legislation are properly disposed of and recycled. Recolight provides free recycling for all WEEE lamps in the UK. To date, they have funded the recycling of over 160 million lamps, which has prevented over half a tonne of mercury from entering landfill.

Contact them or visit for more details on this fantastic free of charge service!

Recolight is the leading compliance scheme for WEEE lamps

Recolight is the leading compliance scheme for WEEE lamps in the UK. To date, they have funded the recycling of over 125 million lamps, which has prevented a third of a tonne of mercury from entering landfill.

During this same time, the lighting industry has been responsible for collecting and recycling more items of WEEE than any other type.

In 2010, lamps accounted for just 2% of the tonnage of business electrical equipment placed on the market in the UK, but accounted for over 22% of the business WEEE collected, according to Environment Agency figures.

This is an enormous achievement demonstrating the lighting industry’s commitment to recycling and is testament to the successful mechanisms put in place by Recolight to make recycling as simple and efficient as possible.

Simplicity for their Members and simplicity for their customers is one of the reasons why Recolight’s membership continues to grow rapidly – last year our membership grew by 20 per cent and includes the leading lamp manufacturers as well as smaller and niche importers and own-branders.

Scheme approval number issued by the Environment Agency is WEE/MP3838PR/SCH.

Free Lighting Plan

Enjoy significant energy savings, lowering your bills and carbon footprint.

Create a sleek, professional atmosphere for you and your customers.

Boost productivity and staff safety.