ATEX Approved

When it comes to buildings and industrial properties that work with hazardous elements, creating a safe environment to withstand unpredictable and threatening situations is of the highest importance. It is an area where nothing should be compromised as the well-being of people working in these settings is vital.

In these harsh conditions, there needs to be appropriate lighting which can endure highly corrosive materials, flammable gases and vapours and fibres that may present themselves within these atmospheres.

At Bri-Tek, we offer a range of ATEX approved lighting solutions which are designed and certified for use in industrial areas with hazardous elements. The quality and thorough testing of our products will give you assurance that they will continue to perform in the most critical times, lighting the way and supporting the health and safety of people in times of concern.

Our selection of ATEX certified explosion proof lighting is also designed to be dust, water and flame proof, to be resistant to elemental aggravators and to remain as a fully functioning, consistent source of light. Utilising modern LED technology means our products out perform traditional sodium and mercury lamps and are highly efficient, consuming around 20% of power in comparison to their counterparts. They also provide a higher quality distribution of direct light which will remain at the same level of brightness during their long lifespan.

Available in a variety of size and wattage to suit the requirements and scope of various industrial areas, the lighting also comes with many options for wall mounting to support increased control and positions for the area it is intended for.

We offer a substantial collection of ATEX approved lighting products that will give you reliability, effective performance and energy efficiency to bring you peace of mind for your important and specific needs.