LED 2D Ceiling Lights

LED 2D Ceiling Lights from Bri-Tek Technologies are highly effective and have a money-back guarantee as they can save you 50% on your energy bills compared to the traditional fluorescent 2D compacts. Our Ceiling Lights are particularly well suited for commercial settings where a long lifespan and reliability are of high importance. Thanks to directional lighting, the Ceiling Lights give out an excellent bright light and they also have very low maintenance.

Products are perfect for basements, corridors, garages, warehouses etc. Our Ceiling Lights are available in 2 different wattages: 12W and 18W. They are also available with a range of additional features including an emergency battery and/or microwave sensor. No matter what your preferences are and what you’re looking for, Bri-Tek Technologies is sure to satisfy and exceed your expectations. Browse our exciting range of LED 2D Ceiling Lights online today!