Infrared Heating: the solution to damp and mould in your home

Have you recently invested in a new-build property, older property or listed building? If so, we know that these 3 properties have something in common: they all need heating. This necessity leads owners to a plethora of questions including what the best type of heating is, what the most affordable type of heating is, and […]

Ollie the Cat: A Success Story

Ollie the cat was a stray found wandering the streets. Emaciated, freezing and close to death, he was rescued by his newly adopted parents and gratefully brought to shelter in their garage. The new owners’ first issue to tackle was warming Ollie up as he’d been outside in the freezing cold Winter weather with little […]

An Artistic Revolution: Combining Heating With Artwork

We all have our favourite artist or period of art, be that modern art, work by Da Vinci, or perhaps you’re more into abstract art. Whatever floats your boat, we all have our own individual tastes in art, regardless of whether or not we’re the next artistic prodigy or gallery enthusiast. Unfortunately, artwork comes at […]

Battery Recycling Will Pave Our Way To A Greener Future

Batteries. Those small, yet mighty sources of energy which we use to power cars, tools, mobile phones, toys and laptops. What would we do without them? Or perhaps the real question should be, what do we do with them once they’ve run out of energy? Most people will respond to this question with the obvious […]

How Can LED Lighting Help Schools Save Money?

There is a plethora of reasons for why many schools are either reluctant to change their lighting or don’t consider it a top priority among other matters. For starters, there are hundreds of schools across the UK which have existed for centuries, some of which go as far back to the seventh century. Naturally, these […]

Could LED Canopy Lights Boost your Business’ Sales and Increase Productivity?

As the UK’s lockdown eases and we start to see businesses and venues reopening again, there’s only one thought on everyone’s mind here at Bri-Tek Technologies. How can we support our clients in growing their businesses and attracting customers after this long period of closure? For months, we’ve seen the devastating impacts that the pandemic […]

Zero carbon is it achievable?

Have we got a chance? But here is a crucial in the pursuit of zero carbon. Some of the strategies that are being pursued: a) Are they really environmentally friendly? or b) Could they have a more detrimental impact on the environment? So, let me give you my take on this. The first point, we […]

What can LED lights do to improve your factory

How to decide the best factory lighting for you Depending on the type of functions being carried out within the factory, many different lighting solutions can be up for consideration. However regardless of the task, whether its manufacturing, product assembly, packaging, or processing; the main purpose of lighting will always be to improve visibility, making […]

What can LED lights do for your Boatyard

Just like with any environment, at boatyards, what is the one thing you need to ensure you can safely enjoy your time with the outside? The answer: good lighting! The gift of being able to see the sea and your surroundings while you are cruising, regardless of whether the time is closer to sunrise or […]