Explosion Proof Lighting

Bri-Tek Technologies has an extensive range of ATEX-approved LED Explosion Proof Lighting which are designed for use in a wide range of business types. The lights are all fully certified in line with current standards and regulations, hence why they are bought time and time again with confidence by our faithful customers. They have been expertly designed to function in harsh environments and are guaranteed to work much longer than traditional non-LED alternatives.

Top of the range Explosion Proof Lighting have been through an extensive testing procedure and are high quality to give you the customer satisfaction you desire. Even in the most dangerous of situations, these lights will still continue to function, potentially saving the life of anyone trapped in the vicinity during an explosion. Our range of LED Explosion Proof Lighting includes ‘Explosion Proof Battens’, ‘Explosion Proof Flood Lights’ and ‘Explosion Proof Lowbays’. Explore our wide range and vast quantity of Explosion Proof Lighting online today!