Bri-Tek Projector Lights Lead The Way For Industrial Spaces

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It is a requirement of the law that every workplace has a suitable and satisfactory amount of light to be able to carry out duties safely. And there are workplaces that are more hazardous than some that depend entirely on ample lighting to guide and support their work and services.

Outdoor areas of work such as truck stops, truck parks, shipping container yards and large industrial sites rely on lighting even more than most workplaces and it is vital that the output created enhances and supports the business and its workers.

There are many risk assessment questions to ask for these types of areas from which parts need to be lit, which position and angle are best for the lights and whether the lights themselves could dazzle or confuse the drivers who use these industrial spaces.

The positioning of the lights, for example, is crucial as tall vehicles could block the source even on high-bays and wall mounts whilst careful consideration must be taken to lights which could interfere with reversing trucks and lorries.

The lights themselves need to be able to perform despite temperamental weather conditions, external factors that can cause erosion and fluctuating levels of natural light. These types of workplaces such as truck stops and parks need to know that they can rely on the safety lighting to perform and guide their way.

At Bri-Tek we offer a selection of high lumen output projector lights which are specifically designed for large areas such as truck stops, loading bays, shipping container yards and huge industrial sites. Using LED technology, the lights will provide a consistent light output for the lifetime of the product. The projector lights can withstand external factors and can be placed over the space between vehicle bays, rather than over the centre of the bay where a tall vehicle could block them.

Available in 280 watts and 840 watts, the lights will perform powerfully but reduce your energy bills at the same time. They are also an eco-friendly alternative to conventional lighting when it comes to wasted energy which makes them a fantastic option for decreasing your carbon footprint and keeping local authorities happy when it comes to light pollution.

We have had great success with using high lumen outdoor projector lights for industrial units and spaces and are confident that future businesses will benefit from these high performing products.

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