Local Government

The future’s bright for UK cities

Street lighting accounts for a large proportion of a local authority’s energy bill, and with many municipalities under increasing pressure to make savings, and reduce their carbon footprint, they are seeking solutions to address inefficient and expensive lighting.

As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of LED street lighting, solar street lighting and accessories, we offer an extensive range of high quality and aesthetically pleasing LED street lights for the UK and international local government market.

Our exclusive street lighting series offers the ideal solution for the complexities of the municipal lighting infrastructure. The crisp white light of the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in our cutting-edge LED street lights provide not only high-quality illumination, even light distribution and a long lifespan, but councils can also save over 50% on their energy bills by making the switch. This makes the range perfect for a variety of public spaces from roads to car parks, parks, public buildings, walkways and much more.

A perfect replacement for inefficient heritage street lighting system, our eco-friendly LED street lighting series includes the high performance H Series LED street lights, pioneering K Series LED street lights, eco-friendly solar-powered LED street lights, stunning architectural lamps and rugged explosion proof options for hazardous environments.

Our unique emergency street lighting range, believed to be the only such range currently on the market, provides the perfect solution for environments where losing systems such as street lights would result in health, safety or major economic impacts. With a wide range of stock and bespoke options available, we are confident we have the solution to meet your needs.

What’s more, as a leading street light audit company, we can also help local government departments to gain an accurate overview of current energy consumption and spend on lighting and identify potential ways Bri-Tek Technologies can help reduce those costs.