Hazardous Environments

Keep your hazardous environment lighting in safe hands

Lighting has a critical role to play in the safe and efficient operation of facilities in any hazardous environment, be that an oil or gas rig, processing refinery, a petrochemical plant or a chemical production facility.

In such environments, where conditions can often be harsh and unsafe, presenting a significant risk to people and equipment, it’s vital to ensure lighting is robustly designed to handle the highly corrosive materials, gases, vapours and ignitable dusts or fibres that are often present in these surroundings. Equally, the use of explosion-proof luminaires is mandatory.

Bri-Tek Technologies series of hazardous environment lighting is perfect for use in critical areas where losing systems such as lights could result in health, safety or major economic impacts.

Our ATEX approved explosion proof lighting range has been designed with hazardous environments in mind. Each explosion proof light fixture goes through a multi-stage design process to ensure it is not only dust proof, water proof and flame proof, but also highly efficient – consuming around 20% of the power required to operate a comparable traditional sodium or mercury lamp.

With a range that comprises everything from explosion proof flood lights to explosion proof LED batten lighting, explosion proof lowbay lighting and explosion proof street lighting, and with multiple fitting options available, we are confident we have the solution to meet your needs.