Zero carbon is it achievable?

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Have we got a chance?
But here is a crucial in the pursuit of zero carbon. Some of the strategies that are being pursued:

a) Are they really environmentally friendly? or
b) Could they have a more detrimental impact on the environment?

So, let me give you my take on this. The first point, we know that the grid could not cope with a surge in electric power demand but more importantly how is the power generated for the demand, is it going to be clean. On the second part we know some of the precious metals that go into battery technology cause a horrific demand in mining operations on the poorest conditions on earth.

So am I saying against this, no, because the advancement of technology will eventually help us create sustainable solutions. However, there is a solution that can solve both forementioned problems, a technology tried tested process and that is LED lighting. LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% so less demand on the grid. And the manufacture and materials used do not on the whole are recyclable.

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