Could LED Canopy Lights Boost your Business’ Sales and Increase Productivity?

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As the UK’s lockdown eases and we start to see businesses and venues reopening again, there’s only one thought on everyone’s mind here at Bri-Tek Technologies. How can we support our clients in growing their businesses and attracting customers after this long period of closure? For months, we’ve seen the devastating impacts that the pandemic has had on thousands of business owners, so we want to do all we can to promote your growth as quickly as possible. Our simple yet effective solution to get you back on track is simple: LED canopy lights.

Canopy lights are a form of surface mounted lighting which are used to provide illumination to areas for vehicles and pedestrian use. They are very versatile as they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to their IP rating which means that they are resistant to harsh weather conditions. Canopy lights deliver clear, strong and bright vertical lighting levels. They therefore play an important role in increasing customers’ sense of safety, security and comfort in commercial buildings and outdoor spaces. Moreover, they are very easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

LED lighting affords users huge energy savings. Innovative LED technology can save 50% on energy bills making them a great eco-friendly and effective choice, especially given the circumstances. They superbly combine reliability, energy efficiency and a long lifespan.

Our range of LED canopy lights have been widely installed across the UK in a plethora of settings including gymnasiums, factories, car parks and petrol stations. We see them as the modern solution for providing light sources to any space. At Bri-Tek Technologies we have been offering bespoke lighting solutions for over a decade, and our canopy lights are no exception.

So far, Bri-Tek has supplied over 20% of all petrol forecourts in the UK. In only a few years, petrol forecourts have become epitomised as welcoming spaces which invite drivers to rest, relax and refresh. They are experiencing unprecedented growth and have transformed into retail which cater to visitor’s needs thanks to their convenience and accessibility. The quality of lighting at these locations can truly be the make or break in driver’s decision to stop for a break or continue on to the next forecourt which looks safer.

What better lighting is there than canopy lights, which combine safety, high illumination and cost-effectiveness? This summer, it is conjectured that more people will travel within the UK rather than going abroad. Therefore, owners should seriously consider revamping service stations and petrol forecourts to make sure that drivers don’t think twice about stopping off at yours.

Another area where our LED canopy lights play a vital role is in the retail industry. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of only eight seconds. This startling statistic emphasises the importance of grabbing customers’ attentions as they pass by a window display. What better way is there to focus the eyes and give passers-by the message that you’re in full operation than with high-quality, bright lighting? Our canopy lights have proven to entice customers by bringing to focus their main products and creating a warm, welcoming environment which they are enraptured by. The consumer society that we all live in is characterised by super-speed technology and fast results. We’re used to getting what we want immediately and with the right lighting, you can attract the right clients at the right time to your business.

At Bri-Tek Technologies, our team is focused on taking a new approach to lighting, namely Human Centric Lighting. This modern holistic approach considers how lighting can affect occupant’s well-being, productivity and comfort in the built environment. In industrial and commercial settings, our bright LED lighting has been proven to increase productivity. If staff are more alert and efficient, this can in turn boost sales and business deals. With these endless benefits, why not invest in your new LED canopy lights today?

The canopy lights we supply are made from the highest-quality products which ensures durability and sustainability. We use polycarbonate in our products together with a heat plate made of aluminium which is powder coated for extreme conditions. They omit a low heat, are shock and vibration resistant. They also do not give off any UV or IR light radiation. Currently, we have 3 variations of canopy lights, in 100W and 120W. All 3 have white casing and emit a bright cool white colour temperature of light (6000K).

If you’re keen to find out more, why not contact a member of our team on or call us on 0161 850 0905? We are always on hand and happy to answer any burning questions you may have. Alternatively, if you’re looking to purchase the canopy lights straight away, check out our range online at At Bri-Tek Technologies, we are paving the way to the future one light at a time.

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