UK is under attack… from cyber space

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Recently our company website, despite having “up to date” very expensive virus protection (according to our IT support company) the website was continuously being brought down so we made a decision to take the website down and put up a simple landing page, whilst we develop a new website.

So this got me thinking, every minute every hour, everyday, websites are brought down, systems hacked, how much money, energy, jobs does it cost the economy?

For us it was 7 years of SEO, PPC, paying fees to various website developers, we have had 3 in the last 7 all destroyed and loss of business whilst our new website is being developed

So then you have to ask a number of questions…

What is the cost to the economy, maybe its billions ? enough to bring down the national debt? Has this been calculated ?

Here is another question with cyber crime and such huge damage being caused to the economy and growth why do we not have the SAS of cyber crime hunters, hunting down and hauling these guys to justice. Did I say justice ? I read in the papers the other day MumsNet was hacked, seven million passwords needed to be changed, and various changes made, they caught the culprit, a bored teenager.

I think they gave him community service!!

Mumsnet response was “I hope he learns from this and put his talents into more productive use…” MAD, and more importantly do you think he will ?

Why are we so tolerant of cyber crime ?

This is the equivalent of bulldozers going down the high street and razing businesses to the ground, If that happened in the physical world, it would be a national emergency the army would be out in the streets.Yet billions of pounds of business is lost and the damage is huge,In my humble opinion this is a bigger epidemic and cost to our society than aids, cancer, Donald J Trump and ISIS combined.

So why the hell is their no national strategy and the response so feeble ?

Why don’t we have a minister for cyber crime, a cobra committee for cyber attacks, and please don’t anyone point out to me the cyber crime helpline number ..what do they do, does anyone know?

And finally to the hackers and developers of these viruses and bugs;

Why do you guys do what you do?

What would make you stop ?

Does it not make sense to be a force for good, surely you have such talent and let’s face it you literally have power at your finger tips that previous generations never had.. Why destroy ?

Please don’t do this , Sir John Berners-Lee` gave this amazing technology away to the world , it’s a gift ,treasure it , look after it

We are an Eco Tech company with a vision to save the planet by providing clean innovative energy solutions, so that we can all enjoy this beautiful planet of ours in peace.

However like anyone else who has been hacked which has left us frustrated and perplexed we will carry on and move forward.

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