The Joy Of Winning An Award

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Considering I see myself a winner, I can only remember twice in my life winning something. The first was when I won a school writing competition, the teacher with a unmemorable name announced the competition from the stage, he built it up good, boy was I excited I entered and I won. I went to collect my prize, I walk into his classroom, he puts his hand into his pocket, I’m thinking it’s got to be a fiver and then he pulls out my prize… one effing sweet, it wasn’t even a chocolate just a boiled sweet. I know it was the 70’s and as a country we were bust but, that was soul destroying maybe the teacher thought that this little brown boy will be grateful for a sweet.

The second occasion I won tickets to see a James Bond movie at the local cinema. My parents in their religious wisdom chucked them away maybe that left me with a zero expectation of receiving something as a winner. Throughout my life I always felt a bit like a world class footballer I dribble the ball all the way down the pitch get to the penalty box take a shot and miss. Just couldn’t kick the ball in the back of the net

You ever got that feeling ?

So last week to receive an innovation award for our emergency battery solution for LED lighting seemed surreal. I sent two of my firm’s finest to receive the award at the ceremony. I know I should have gone but note what I wrote earlier. So what is the feeling , emotion you go through when you win …

Many different emotions I think such as relief, credibility has been bestowed upon you , energized , motivated you walk a little bit taller , feel a little bit younger and happy that years of sleepless nights have come to fruition

So what I am trying to say, in a nutshell, if you enter something make sure you enter the right competition. Get something credible and don’t end up with a boiled sweet.

Check out our award winning innovation on

p.s Thank you MSDUK for the award !

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