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No matter the cause, poorly specified lighting isn’t just a waste of energy, it can also lead to safety issues, contribute to adverse health impacts and even affect productivity in the workplace.

Proper lighting should be the foundation of any project. Unfortunately, according to the Carbon Trust, lighting accounts for around 20% of the electricity used in the UK and 75% of installations are out of date and unable to meet current design standards.

Whether you are specifying lighting for indoor applications such as offices or warehouses, or external lighting such as streetlights, stadium lighting or recreational illumination, poorly planned lighting can lead to a requirement for costly redesigns and increased costs.

For example, selecting incorrect lighting for the height of the ceilings in an office building can lead to inadequate illumination or even potentially disruptive over-lighting for employees.

Whilst specifying the incorrect wattage for a street lighting project, not considering factors such as the location of the lights, the height of the fixtures or the location that needs to be lit, can lead to major problems such as poorly directed lights, glare, light pollution and ultimately costly electricity expenses.

When planned and managed by an experienced team, a comprehensive lighting project plan has the potential to generate both significant short and long-term gains and mitigate such issues.

DIALux and Relux lighting plans

To avoid such issues, we can provide DIALux and Relux lighting plans for internal and external lighting which can give you confidence in the luminaires we specify.

Using DIALux’s 3D rendering functionality, we can plan, design, calculate and visualise the lighting of your interior, exterior or street lighting project, enabling you to determine the optimal LED lighting for your project to reduce energy usage, while ensuring that lighting performance is maintained.

The intuitive software enables us to calculate and visualise lighting professionally – be that for a single room, whole floors, buildings or even outdoor scenes – showcasing various luminaire properties including light output ratio and luminous efficacy.

By using the DIALux software we are able to plan complex lighting projects. The software enables you to add any of our broad range of products into your virtual design to get an accurate representation of how your lighting scheme will look and, more crucially, perform.

Our wide range of luminaires included in the programme – from downlights to floodlights, streetlights and beyond – each comes with detailed descriptions and technical specifications including everything from power, output wattage and intensity to colour temperature and much more. Such data gives you the ability to achieve the perfect lighting scheme at the click of a mouse.

Project managers can also take advantage of our high-performance 3D visualisation tool Relux to create highly-accurate, virtual project design for interior and exterior lighting schemes.

Layouts can be designed using plans, CAD drawings or photographs. Plus, the software is fully compatible with CAD and BIM systems, enabling you to integrate your own designs. Once the design is complete, users can drag and drop our entire range of lighting products to accurately simulate how they will perform within your specific project.

Get in touch today to see how we can support your lighting project.

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