Shedding light on the LED GRP Batten Light for the industrial sector QUICK QUOTE

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LED luminaires are essential for providing a safe level of illumination in any industrial environment, but selecting the perfect solution for demanding facilities such as power stations, pharmaceutical plants and refineries can be especially challenging. Here, we take a look at our latest lighting technology, the LED GRP Batten Light, and explore the features and benefits the solution is delivering for the sector.

Our LED GRP Batten Light, which can be supplied with tubes or an LED plate, is a proven solution for demanding conditions in a wide range of industrial environments. Suitable for ceiling, wall or pendant mounting, a glass re-enforced polyester (GRP) body delivers a robust fitting that has been tested for strength to IK 08 under European Standard EN 62262, making it ideal for the daily rigours of industrial premises.

Safety is at the heart of the solutions design. A lightweight non-corrosive case – which is lighter than steel alternatives – ensures the LED GRP Batten Light does not conduct electricity. Whilst, the fitting is waterproof thanks to an innovative gasket which sits in a natural silicone gel. The gear tray is secured with T-shaped fixed supports for easy installation and maintenance of the electrical components.

By incorporating a white coated flat metal plate, together with UV stabilised polycarbonate diffuser, our LED GRP Batten Light provides a refined level of illumination through an impact resistant case that maintains its transparency and won’t turn yellow throughout its long lifespan. The diffuser and body are secured together with polycarbonate stainless steel clips that can be unclipped on one side and suspended.

An optimised design means the LED GRP Batten Light delivers impressive levels of performance, with a supply frequency of 50-60HZ and the ability to operate at temperatures from -20°C and 40°C. In addition, the product comes available in three sizes, 2ft, 4ft and 5ft, which makes it perfect for a range of industrial facilities.

Selecting the right lighting is essential to both meet lighting standards and safeguard occupant safety in challenging industrial environments. Get in touch with the Bri-Tek Technologies team today by calling 0161 850 0905 or emailing to see how we can help you choose the perfect solution.

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