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Introducing the 120W LED Wall Light with exceptional efficiency, unparalleled durability, and modern design. This LED wall light features high efficacy LEDS, boasting over 120 lumens per watt, resulting in a brighter and more energy-efficient lighting solution.

The optics of the 120W LED Wall Light are precisely designed to shape the distribution, maximizing efficiency while minimizing waste. With a solid-state construction, this light fixture is highly resistant to shock and vibration, making it a reliable choice for even the most demanding environments.

At only 2.7kg, this wall light is exceptionally lightweight, ensuring easy and safe installation. The housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants, providing long-lasting durability even in harsh conditions.

The LED driver is equipped with short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection, ensuring the safety and longevity of the system. Rust-resistant stainless steel hardware with durable nickel-plating provides extra protection against corrosion.

With a fast turn-on and no warm-up or cold-start issues, the 120W LED Wall Light is ready to use whenever you need it. It operates in a wide range of temperatures from -40°C to 40°C (-40°F to 104°F), making it an ideal lighting solution for a variety of applications.

This wall light comes with a 3-5 year system warranty and is available in three different wattage options: 60W, 100W, and 120W. It also offers a high lumen output of up to 14400LM, with a 120° beam angle for optimal lighting distribution. The Kelvin color temperature ranges from 3000K to 6000K, and the CRI is ≥80.

The 120W LED Wall Light is compatible with wall mounting and measures 362.5 x 234 x 196mm. It also offers a 75% reduction in wattage compared to traditional lighting, making it an energy-efficient and cost-effective choice for both residential and commercial applications.

In summary, the 120W LED Wall Light is a highly efficient, durable, and modern lighting solution that provides exceptional lighting performance for any space.


Power 120W
Lumen output 14400lm
Efficacy (IES) 120 lm/W
Voltage AC100-277V
Power factor 0.9 minimum
CCT 3000/4000/5000/6000K
CRI ≥80
Beam Angle 120° Degrees
Life Span (Hours) 50,000 Hours
Dimming Compatible No
Warranty 5 Years
Mounting Options Wall
Dimensions 362.5X234X196MM
Working Environment -30°C to 40°C (-22°F to 104°F)
Weight 2.7kg
Suggested replacement for 180W/300W/360W
Percentage of wattage saved 75%
Package 40*28*23.5CM


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