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Introducing the ultimate outdoor lighting solution with our cutting-edge LED Solar Street Light. It’s All in One design simplifies installation, making it hassle-free for everyone. Powered by a Smart MPPT controller, this solar street light achieves intelligent control of lamps, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. Featuring high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar panels, this street light significantly boosts solar energy conversion, making it one of the most efficient LED Solar Street Lights on the market. Equipped with a durable deep cycle lithium battery, it can charge and discharge over 2,000 times, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Enhanced with infrared or motion sensors, this LED Solar Street Light effectively saves energy by activating the light only when needed. The adjustable mounting brackets allow you to customize the angle for optimal sunlight exposure, maximizing its efficiency even further. With its intelligent mode, this street light can continuously work for 5-7 autonomy days, providing consistent and reliable illumination. Our LED Solar Street Light is not just a lighting solution; it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for any outdoor space. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with the powerful and efficient LED Solar Street Light today!

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  • Luminaire efficacy: up to 210 lm/W
  • Optic Lens: Type II, Type III, Type V
  • Type of protection: IP65
  • Impact resistance: IK10
  • Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C




Power(W) 30W
Equivalent To Competing Products 50-60 W
Modules Qty 3 (96 LEDs)
Lumen efficacy (+/- 5%) 210 lm/w
Lumen Output (+/- 5%) 6300Im
Battery Spec (Lithium) 300WH
Constant Worktime at 100% Power 8 Hours
Constant Worktime at 30% Power (Energy saving mode) >26 Hours
Charge Time 3 Hours
Installation Height 4~6m
Pole Distance 12~21m
Application Bike & Pedestrian Paths, Car Parks, Off-Grid Areas, Security Lighting, Squares & Pedestrian Areas, Urban & Residential Streets & Roads
Body / Base Carton Size (mm) 1665 x 485 x 140 / 410 x 160 x 205
N.W (kg) 23.8
Body /Base G.W (kg) 22.1 / 5.2
lighting good for environmentally sensitive locations.


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