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The BRI-6080 Series linear lighting is a product designed primarily for use in offices, museums, libraries, and similar settings. It is designed to ensure long, uninterrupted rows of fixtures while maintaining accurate housing diffusion, excellent finished color, easy installation, and high lumen efficiency. The product comes with a 5-year quality warranty, and end customers can easily change the LED drivers themselves if needed.

The LP6080 Series comprises an aluminum profile, die-casting end cap, and PMMA diffuser. This distinctive design provides a 5-year warranty for daily use, and if any issues arise after 5 years of use, the LED driver or LED chip can be replaced by the end customer in just 5 minutes.

The product uses three connectors to guarantee stable and long-lasting use of the linear lighting. Additionally, it offers a multiplex installation method, including suspension, ceiling, recessed mounted, and direct-indirect options, which can save on costs. The surface finish colors are available in black, white, and silver, and all raw materials are CE and ROHS certified.

For school and hospital projects, the product offers a UGR<19 option to ensure that it is suitable for the application. The product also ensures that there are no dark areas on the connected edge, and all linear lighting is light on.

The company maintains a stock of lighting components, ensuring fast sample and mass production lead times. The product is fully certified with ETL, CE, ROHS, and SAA for project requirements. Overall, the BRI-6080 Series linear lighting is a versatile, high-quality lighting solution suitable for a wide range of applications.


Output Wattage 25W
Lumen efficacy (+/- 5%) 2250lm(±5%)
LED Chip OSRAM 2835
Product Size 865*60*80mm


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