Ollie the Cat: A Success Story

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Ollie the cat was a stray found wandering the streets. Emaciated, freezing and close to death, he was rescued by his newly adopted parents and gratefully brought to shelter in their garage. The new owners’ first issue to tackle was warming Ollie up as he’d been outside in the freezing cold Winter weather with little food so was desperately in need of heat. But what could his new owners do? Their garage was huge and heating the whole space would cost an absolute fortune. Moreover, they needed a quick solution as time was running out for Ollie. Finding and installing a heater would take far too long, and they didn’t have time to waste.

After a short search, all of Ollie’s owners’ problems were solved by one affordable and easily installable solution: Infrared heating panels. Instead of heating the whole garage, Ollie could have his own personalised 200W Infrared heating panel all to himself! The panels are incredibly versatile, so one could be positioned above him to give him all the heat he needed. Moreover, Infrared heating panels are easy to install as they can be plugged into a socket with a standard 3-pin mains connection, and they have zero maintenance costs thanks to their simple construction. Only one panel was required to give Ollie the required heat in his designated area, so they could keep Ollie warm in a cost-effective manner instead of having to heat the whole garage. Infrared heating has been found to have numerous health benefits, so Ollie’s recovery time was sped up through the Infrared rays.

Infrared heating has long been used in medical applications such as physiotherapy to improve rehabilitation. Infrared radiation can be especially useful in cases of muscle aches and joint pains in reducing the pain and speeding up the recovery process. But infrared radiation can also be beneficial for the common cold!

Before long, Ollie was back to being a fit and healthy cat and his days of living on the streets were long forgotten. A picture says a thousand words and there really is no way to deny that Ollie is super chuffed with his new personal heater.

This success story of how Infrared heating kept Ollie the cat alive shows how Infrared heating is cost-effective, versatile and incredibly easy to install. A single 200W panel was enough to bring Ollie back to recovery, and there was no need to heat the whole garage. The health benefits in terms of decreasing recovery time is something no other heaters on the market have the capacity for.

Speak to one of our specialists to find out how we can help you with any questions or interest you have in Infrared heating today. Visit our website https://infraredheatingsupplies.com/ , call us on 01204 520544 or drop us an email at info@infraredheatingsupplies.com. We hope we can warm up your lives just as Ollie warms up our heart knowing we helped him on his road to recovery and he luxuriates in his new heat.

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