Frack It!… Take The Cash

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A question for you ?

How much money is needed for you to shift your principles, move your morality, purchase your soul, play Russian roulette with your health persuade you that climate changes that are happening are less of a priority than yours or the nations wealth. I’m throwing it out there everyone has a price.

What is yours?

This is the dilemma or for some an opportunity they will face if they live in areas where fracking will take place. Before you answer that question, let me throw this at you, for the average family £ 200 month is a game changer, it’s the difference between taking their kids for riding lessons or buying them the must have item of clothing or toy .Pity during the EU referendum campaign the remain camp could not put this argument across as the cost of leaving the EU and what it would mean to an average family, but that’s a post for another day.

Staying on track Theresa May the now anointed savior of the UK has now offered the mother of all carrots, thousands of pounds directly to the households affected by fracking. this lady knows what makes people tick

She’s literally buying votes

Okay so what’s the argument for fracking, the way I see is the country is in serious financial doo doo! With QE ( does anybody know what that it is ..seriously ) way I picture it printing presses are churning out funny money faster than bamboo shutters banging away in a force nine gale, it may make financial sense to allow the fracking industry to develop and grow, because with the fracking taxes will bring much needed hard real money into the nation’s coffers.It will create jobs in the industry and I guess for some statistician to work out will mean less carbon emissions as the gas or oil will be transported locally instead of from some far away lands like Russia and Scandinavia etc . We would have maybe energy security instead of worrying about some mad dictator turning off the taps if we upset him or her , oh and of course the argument always put forward clean energy is not reliable!

Or is it?

Consider this, Germany has managed to convert to clean energy in such a massive way it produces so much at times it has to make sure it’s grids arern’t overloaded . We are surrounded and blessed with all the forces of nature that could ensure reliable production of clean energy , energy from tidal wave barriers , even more of offshore wind technology and solar heating technology is advancing so much as well as dropping in price .You get the picture , this is clean energy production. Coupled with energy efficiency such as ultra efficient LED Lighting which my company Bri-Tek Technologies supplies and is being rolled out everywhere and super efficient Infra red heating technology which my company will supply soon as well as insulation measures energy use is getting smarter and cleaner as well as making it ripe for innovation

My home town of Bolton invented the spinning mule which kicked off the industrial revolution. Just like my company which also based in Bolton has developed a Universal emergency battery for LED Lighting . ( What Dyson did to the hoover we have done to the emergency battery for lighting !! ) I thought it’s worth a mention to show the passion behind the blog and what we do. So people the choice is yours I have tried to create a balanced agreement .. oh ok I have tried to but if anyone can give me a better reason for fracking feel free to let us know we could have an energy mix a bit of everything..Fracking Industry experts please feel free to comment .I actually find it very difficult to say to the recipients of the fracking cash windfall , don’t take the money , that money could be life changing .The blame for creating this situation lays with our government and I would urge them to be more innovative in creating an environment for cleaner innovative greener solutions
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