Swimming Pool & Spa Lighting

In swimming pool and spa environments, the most important factor to ensure is that guests are provided with the luxury of a comfortable and relaxed environment to unwind in. At Bri-Tek Technologies, we know that the ambience in such settings can be the make or break factor in creating the desired mood. Guests want to be welcomed by a calm setting in which they can relax for a few hours in the swimming pool and spa.

Our range of LED lighting is perfect to create this mood as we have energy-efficient luminaires in a range of exciting designs. Our strip lights provide a low level of light and can give an edgy look. On the other hand, our tubes and battens can replicate the natural light from the sun to create a natural and refreshing atmosphere. Regardless of the light you choose, many of our LED lights come with IP65 protection, meaning they are resistant to corrosion. LEDs have very low maintenance costs and can help swimming pools & spas save considerable amounts of money on their energy bills in comparison to traditional lighting.