Sports Hall Lighting

At Bri-Tek Technologies, we have an extensive range of LED lighting which meet all recommended lux levels for indoor sporting activities. Sports halls typically have vast open spaces and very high ceilings, making LEDs the perfect luminaires. Our sports hall lighting includes ceiling lights, battens, tubes and panels. LEDs provide a high level of brightness and intensity, as they can replicate the bright light, similar to the illumination from the sun. They provide directional lighting, so players can really get their heads in the game.

The high-quality light enhances the performance of sports players, making them feel more awake and improving how they play in a game. They promote a fresh, comfortable environment for players whilst they are training or competing. LEDs are very energy efficient and can help sports halls save considerable amounts of money on their energy bills (in comparison to traditional fluorescent lighting) as they operate on very low voltage and have a very long lifespan.