Outdoor Seating Area Lighting

We want our customers to maximise the use of their outdoor spaces even at night, hence why we have an excellent range of lighting for outdoor seating areas. Therefore, especially in the warm summer months, you can make use of outdoor seating areas with our range of high illumination luminaires. We have downlights, floodlights, streetlights and projector lights. Our extensive range is available in a plethora of modern and traditional designs to fit the design of your outdoor seating areas. Our outdoor lights come with IP65 protection, which means that they are suitable for use against harsh weather conditions throughout the year including corrosion, heat and ice.

LEDs are very energy-efficient, and they operate on a very low voltage compared to traditional lighting so they can promote a reduction in your energy consumption and bills. LEDs are reliable and robust, and low maintenance. They also provide instantaneous turn on/off, and they have no problem with frequent switching.