LED Grill Panel Light



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– Ideal replacement for traditional troffer * Using 2mm thickness PMMA diffusor, no yellowing issue

– Power supplied by branded Lifud high PF and non-flicker driver * Different color temperature for options

– Light efficacy up to 150lm/W

– Lower power consumption, energy saving

– 5 years warranty

– CE/UKCA/ROHS approved


Introducing the PLG LED Grill Panel, the innovative solution to traditional panel lighting. Our panel is designed to provide exceptional performance, quality, and reliability for commercial and residential applications.

Featuring a high-quality SMD2835 light source with SDCM<5 and a CRI range of 80, our LED grille panel offers superior lighting quality and color accuracy for any environment. The AC input of 220-240V 50/60Hz ensures a stable and efficient power supply to the LED chip.

Our LED grill panel has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours (L70@Ta 25℃), making it a cost-effective lighting solution for businesses and homeowners. With a recommended installation height of 2-6m, it’s suitable for a wide range of settings.

Our LED grille panel has a high power efficiency of ≥0.90, PF:≥0.95 and THD<20%, making it an energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting solution. Moreover, the panel has a wide temperature range with a storage temperature of -40~+85°C and an operating temperature of -25~+40°C.

The PLG grill panel light design offers a new approach to traditional panel lighting, resolving issues such as yellowing, water ripples, and high prices. Our product features a non-flicker power supplier, ensuring a comfortable and safe lighting environment. As a result, it has become a reliable benchmark for the panel lighting industry, providing a seamless integration solution for suppliers, customers, and electricians alike.

In summary, the PLG LED Grill Panel offers exceptional lighting quality, energy efficiency, and reliability. Whether you’re looking for a lighting solution for your home or business, our LED grille panel is the perfect choice.


Lumen efficacy (+/- 5%) 150 lm /w
Power(W) 30W
Light Source 2835 SDCM<5
L70@Ta 25℃ 50,000h
Lumen 4500lm
IP Code IP20
Input Voltage 220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Recommended Installation Height 2-6M
CRI 80
PF :≥0.95
Temperature (Storage : -40~+85°C) (Operating : -25~+40°C)
Power Efficiency ≥0.90
THD <20%
Optional Drivers AGT Power switch Driver, Lifud Driver, Boke Dali Driver


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