LED Light Source

Greater than 150lm/w
High Efficiency

Solar Panel

High efficiency solar panel
Ergonomic design


Lithium iron phosphate battery.
Low temperature charging

Easy To Service

All solar street lights supplied by Bri-Tek Technologies have all been designed so that any maintenance is simple and efficient.

  • Drawer design makes the battery, led modules, sensor and controller easier to maintain.
  • Male /Female IP68 cable connector makes the luminaire waterproof and easy to replace.

Solar Streetlight Controls

All Solar Streetlights supplied by Bri-Tek Technologies come with various control options.

Main Features

  • Adopts MPPT charging method,which increases the utilisation of solar panel.
  • Lithium battery low temperature charging protection, which effectively protects the battery .
  • Three induction stages design. Working time can be set from 0 to 15 hrs, power range from 0 to 100%
  • Human infrared induction or microwave induction function for optional, default is infrared induction.
  • Sensitive time delay can be set from 0 to 250s.
  • Record system status, can record 7 days and monitor the whole system.
  • Overheat protection function, when the controller reaches a certain temperature, it will decrease or close the load.
  • Working status indication, easy to maintain.