Zoo Lighting

When selecting lighting for zoos, the main priority should always be to create a healthy and safe environment to uphold the welfare and happiness of the animals. At Bri-Tek Technologies, we have a brilliant range of high-quality, robust and energy-efficient LED lighting which is suitable to zoos. Many are weatherproof with IP65 protection, so are suitable for outdoor use.

The LEDs are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications such as reception areas, animal enclosures, educational centres, play areas, gift shops, external buildings, pathways and car parks. Our main appropriate LEDs include battens, floodlights and bulkheads. It is very straightforward to upgrade from fluorescent lighting to LEDs as they are all very easy to install and are low maintenance. Moreover, they can help zoos save up to 80% on their energy bills as they require low levels of electricity to function, but this doesn’t compromise their efficacy. The LEDs provide bright illumination which isn’t harsh on the eye, as it is glare and flicker proof. They operate well in both cold and hot temperatures, so can be used in a variety of environments ranging from penguin caves to animal houses.