Train Station Lighting

Train stations require lighting with bright illumination for drivers to see the tracks and for commuters to see platform signs, boards and timetables. Train stations should aim to create a safe environment with plenty of light even at night, so that commuters feel comfortable to travel. For these reasons, LED lighting is the ideal solution to bring consistent and effective light to different areas and spaces.

We have a range of weatherproof lighting which is perfect for train stations such as canopy lights, high bays and our NCF series. These lighting options provide clear, strong and bright lighting. They can increase the safety and security of train stations, helping train stations save 50% on their energy bills. This makes them an eco-friendly and effective choice. All of our LEDs are very reliable, and they have a long lifespan. The LEDs are made of the highest quality, they are bespoke and sustainable. All of the lights are easy to install and maintain. The IP65 rating means that they are resistant to corrosion, dust, moisture, heat and ice. Regardless of the climate, or the time of year, LED lights will always function at a high level.