Smoking Shelter Lighting

When purchasing smoking shelter lighting, there are often many health and safety implications that need to be considered. At Bri-Tek Technologies, we have a brilliant range of LED lighting which will cover all of your health and safety requirements to protect users of the smoking shelter and also people who live or work in surrounding buildings. Our LED NCF series, tubes and battens are all covered by IP65 protection, meaning that they are weatherproof (resistant to damage by corrosion, heat and ice).

LED lighting is very safe, energy-efficient and cost-effective because the lights have a very long lifespan and they require very low levels of electricity to function. An excellent feature of LED lighting is that the lighting is directional. This means that the lighting is focused in one direction only, so the bright light won’t disturb people who are in the surrounding area and not in the smoking shelter. Essentially, the smoking shelter will not be a statutory nuisance, which is a very important requirement for smoking shelter designers.