Ski Resort Lighting

Ski resorts often struggle to find lighting that has viable operational costs, is environmentally friendly and has low maintenance costs. Thankfully, Bri-Tek Technologies can satisfy all of these requirements with our extensive range of LED floodlights and streetlights. LED technology is extremely energy-efficient and operates on a low voltage, so they can help ski resorts save substantial amounts of money on their energy bills in comparison to traditional lighting. Moreover, they can help reduce the carbon footprint and they have a very long lifespan.

Our high-quality and aesthetically pleasing range of LED lights are means that ski resorts won’t be short of choice for lighting designs. LEDs provide high levels of illumination and our outdoor lighting can operate well in harsh weather conditions thanks to IP65 rating (they are weatherproof and can withstand very cold temperatures and windy conditions). The streetlights have an LED chip option and on or off-grid options, so whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.