Restaurant Lighting

Bri-Tek Technologies has a range of LED lighting which is perfect for inside and outside areas of restaurants. We know that for restaurants, the consumer experience is everything so choosing a light to create the right mood is a very important factor. All of our LED lights can be well integrated into your restaurant to put a spotlight on your culinary creations. Our range of lighting is available at different colour temperatures and in different designs, so you can pick the luminaires to suit your taste in style.

Our indoor lighting which is appropriate for restaurants includes ceiling lights, strip lights, tubes and battens, which are all very trendy and reliable. For outdoor seating areas we have IP rated lights including downlights, strip lights and projector lights. Regardless of the LED you choose, they will all help restaurants save considerable amounts of money on their energy bills in comparison to traditional fluorescent lights thanks to the energy-efficiency of LEDs. They require low levels of electricity to run, they are easy to install, and they are also very low maintenance.