Plain sailing for marine lighting

Marine environments pose numerous lighting challenges that simply don’t exist in any other application. The severe environment in which ships operate make very special demands on lighting, meaning the quality of light, power consumption, corrosion resistance, long lifespan and practical functionality of the luminaires are all vitally important factors.

Leading edge LED marine lighting combines these characteristics with high quality components, robust design and a superior level of illumination that guarantees a safe level of visibility on board any boat at all times.

Bri-Tek Technologies has set the standard for marine lighting, providing a vast collection of superior lighting solutions that are specially developed for harsh and unforgiving marine environments.

Our specialised range of innovative LED bulkhead lighting combines high quality illumination with energy efficiency, corrosion and salt resistance and ease of installation, making them the perfect solution for the highly-demanding conditions in which they operate. With LED and emergency lighting available across the range and energy savings of up to 80% achievable, your search for marine lighting need go no further.