Hotel Lighting

At Bri-Tek Technologies, we know that lighting can play a key factor in hotels with enticing customers and maintaining a good reputation. Lighting in hotels needs to strike a balance between being bright enough to work but cosy enough to relax. That is where our excellent range of LED lighting comes into play. We have a range of ceiling lights, downlights, floodlights and tubes & battens for hotel rooms, reception, corridors and outdoor areas which all provide instantaneous light.

LEDs are perfect for hotels because they aren’t damaged by frequent on/off switching, which is important for hotel where they are many guests who come into and out of rooms. On the other hand, LEDs also have a very long lifetime and are energy-efficient, which is important for receptions and corridors, where the light is turned on 24/7. Our LEDs come with a money-back guarantee and can help hotels save money on their energy bills in comparison to conventional lighting.