Put bad lighting out to pasture

The agricultural sector presents a number of unique challenges when it comes to lighting. From the broad range of buildings and outdoor areas that require illumination, to the need for energy efficiency and economical solutions and even the increased necessity for security on site, superior lighting is essential.

The rapid development of LED lighting technology can help you achieve these goals and much more. Our proven range of LED lighting solutions will modernise your farming environment – whether arable, pastoral or a mix of both – while at the same time improving your quality of lighting, reducing your lighting costs, decreasing your carbon footprint and allowing you to increase you farming profits.

By selecting one of Bri-Tek Technologies series of robust solutions for the agricultural sector, from corrosion proof LED floodlights to highly-efficient lowbay lighting, LED batten lighting and LED highbay lighting, you are guaranteed a high quality solution at a competitive price.

Not only a cost-effective choice, our agricultural LED lighting also delivers optimal lighting conditions, increases the sense of safety and well-being in any agricultural environment and reduces the requirement for ongoing maintenance.