Bri-Tek Technologies is proud to be the UK’s largest supplier in LED & Solar Streetlights and Accessories. We love providing our trusty long-term customers with high-quality, affordable and sustainable products with a money-back guarantee. So, if you’re looking for Streetlight Accessories, then look no further because we have the perfect products for you. Our many years of experience in the industry really make us experts in this sector.

Our popular Streetlight Accessories include the “Street Light Photocell Sensor”, which has been developed to integrate with streetlight luminaires, after manufacture. They are essentially used as an automated switch and function based on the exposure of light- so they turn on and off automatically according to whether it’s day or night. This innovative technology has been amazing with saving customers time and money!

We also stock “Street Light Brackets” to be mounted onto columns, which complement our wide variety of streetlights in stock. They are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and have a very long lifespan, so you can rest assured that these products will stand the test of time. Check out our range of Streetlight Accessories online today!

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