Are you looking for an infrared heating panel, but you want one with a picture on it so that it looks like a painting? Then look no further, because Bri-Tek Technologies has the solution for you: UV Series InfraRed heating panels. With the UV Series panels, you can have any image or painting printed onto the surface, so that you can make InfraRed heating panels a design feature in your commercial or industrial environment! The panels come in a plethora of sizes so you can have any sized picture printed onto your panel, be that panoramic, square, landscape or portrait.

This innovative technology allows you to disguise your heating as a painting if you want a panel that’s more discreet. Or perhaps you want a picture of your family printed but you also need to install heating. With the UV Series, you can kill 2 birds with one stone at an affordable price. This energy-efficient technology allows you to save money on your energy bills compared to traditional heating, as it paves the way to a greener, more sustainable future. Check out the UV Series of InfraRed heating panels online today!

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