In additional to InfraRed heating panels, Bri-Tek Technologies offers a range of InfraRed Heating Accessories to complement and enhance the use of your InfraRed heating panels. Our collection of InfraRed Heating Accessories includes “Stands”, “Thermostat UK Plugs 3680W” and “InfraRed Panel – AC – Digital Wireless Thermostats 2200W”. All of our products are specifically designed to optimise your use of innovative InfraRed heating technology.

The “Stands” are available in 3 different colours: white, black or silver, and are easily clipped onto the InfraRed heating panels with their easy-attachable feet. They are very sturdy so have a very long lifespan and are constructed from an aluminium alloy. Our two “Thermostats”, which can either be plugged in or are digital wireless lower installation costs since there is no need to embed a sensor in the floor. This fantastic technology allows you to create bespoke heating schedules around your lifestyle and ensure that you’re never wasting energy at any point in the day. Browse out exciting collection of InfraRed Heating Accessories online today!

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