Explosion Proof Street Lighting

Bri-Tek Technologies is committed to providing customers with high-quality, stylish and safe streetlights. It’s no wonder we’re the UK’s largest supplier in LED & Solar Streetlights and Accessories! As part of our vast collection of streetlighting, we offer cost-effective and low energy Explosion Proof Street Lighting for hazardous environments. Don’t let the sleek and modern design fool you though. These LED Bridgelux streetlights are tougher than they look. They have a patented design for heat dissipation to ensure a very long lifetime, they are waterproof & flameproof, and are made from high-tempered glass.

The Explosion Proof Street Lighting has a super-efficient power consumption, which is 20% of traditional streetlights. They can also reduce energy costs by a massive 75%! The streetlights provide a uniform coverage and they will reduce maintenance and installation costs due to the very long lifespan. Check out our single and twin Explosion Proof Street Lighting online today!

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