Explosion Proof Lowbays

At Bri-Tek Technologies, our LED Explosion Proof Lowbays have been exquisitely designed to withstand the nature of highly hazardous environments including mines and quarries. Their waterproof and flameproof features make them perfect for outdoor and flammable locations. All of our Explosion Proof Lowbays are ATEX-approved and are fully certified in line with current standards, so you can buy our products with confidence.

The Explosion Proof Lowbays have been designed with the highest quality products including high tempered glass and their complex design gives them the most effective beam angle. They can even help you save on your energy bills- compared to traditional Explosion Proof Lowbays, LEDs can reduce energy cost by up to 70%! They are also super versatile and have multiple fitting options including the ceiling, wall or fence. No matter the electrical power you require, Bri-Tek Technologies has got you covered. We stock Explosion Proof Lowbays in 25W, 40W and 60W. Check out our collection of Explosion Proof Lowbays online today!

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