Among our range of Explosion Proof Lighting, Bri-Tek Technologies stocks premium Explosion Proof Battens. These ATEX-approved products have a complex design to give the most effective beam angle and they have a patented design for heat dissipation to ensure a very long lifetime. Explosion Proof Battens come with an extensive range of features which make them popular among our customers, including being waterproof, flameproof and made from high-tempered glass.

The efficient power consumption is 20% of traditional lamps and they are very energy efficient so can reduce energy costs by a substantial amount of up to 75%. Explosion Proof Battens are also extremely versatile and have multiple fitting options such as on the ceiling or wall. Bri-Tek Technologies stocks 2 different Explosion Proof Battens at 40W or 56W, due to popularity among customers with these wattages. Check out our LED Explosion Proof Battens online today!

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