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Secret To Success For UK Asians... Vicks!


Am I the only one who’s feeling the world is going mad ? And if you are in business then you have no choice but to hunker down and limit the damage from whatever fallout may happen.

Which got me thinking of a simple remedy, a beacon of hope, the answer to all ailments, problems for Indians that would be the pride of place on the mantel piece of many an Asian home in the 60’s, 70’s and even in the trendy 80’s - now usually it’s kept in the bedside cabinet. What was it?

Vicks. Yes! Vicks that staple remedy. A complete solution for many asians.

Here’s a few examples:

I’ve got a headache…. get the Vicks.

I got burgled ..did they take the Vicks?

I’m finding these exams stressful..fetch me the Vicks.

I think I’ve broken my leg… get the Vicks.

I’m getting divorced… you got the Vicks?

I’ve lost a million day trading…are you taking the Vicks?

I’m getting married and they are asking for a big dowry..send the Vicks. We’ve been flooded ..got the Vicks?

Doctors are going on strike…get another Vicks!

Rest assured, I trust many asians will be steadfast in the force of any calamity the world throws at us.

Trump has become President…no problem, we've got Vicks!

Brexit economy is tanking….Vicks will get us through.

Russians are coming... don’t forget the Vicks!

And finally,

I’ve thought of a great innovation. It’s a universal emergency battery specifically designed for LED lighting, compact and easy to install AND it’s going to be made in the UK ..I’ve even set up a website www.ledemergencybattery.com … you taking the Vicks?

So, now you know one of the secrets of success of my fellow Asians.

We are an award winning Eco-Tech company that supply LED lighting to the industrial and commercial sector and develop innovative accessories such as our emergency battery pack unit made in Bolton.

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