Why Premium LED Panel Lights?

If you are looking for quality, consistency, a long warranty and a less that 0.5% failure rate then you are looking for our premium LED panel range. Our Premium LED Panels come in a variety of sizes 60×60, 60×120, 30×60 and 30x120cm. These LED luminaires are manufactured by the small group of companies that have an excellent reputation for quality and consistency.

What makes the Premium LED Luminaires stand out from the rest?

The Premium LED Panel Light is designed with higher quality materials ensuring durability and longevity.

LED Design

Common Panel

Chip Size: 9 x 26mm or smaller size
LED Gold Line (Connects the chips together): Alloy Line
LED Bracket: Iron
SDCM:- No Request

Bri-Tek Panel

Chip Size: 10 x 30mm Epistar chip
LED Gold Line (Connects the chips together): Gold Line
LED Bracket: Red Copper
LM80 & TM21 testing report , SDCM<4

The larger chip size, Gold Line, and the red copper for the bracket are the main features that extend the lifespan of the LED. Initially there will be no visual difference to the user but after 2 to 3 months of use the efficiency and luminosity of the cheaper LED Panel light would start to diminish and visually become evident. The Premium Panels also have a SDCM (Standard Deviation Colour Matching) rating which in effect means that the LED’s are tested and banded into the same colour temperature whereas the Standard Panels are not tested to this level. This ensures that the LED’s are consistant with their colour temperature.

Diffuser and light guide plate

Common Panel

Diffuser: PP (Polypropylene)
Light guide plate: PS (Polystyrene)

Bri-Tek Panel

Diffuser: PP (Polystyrene)
Light guide plate: PMMA

Though both solutions work in the short term the Premium LED Panel diffuser is less brittle or prone to marks/scratches, more robust and hence would be less likely to be damaged in transit. The Premium Panel also has an 8 year lifespan, a more evenly distributed light source and is not prone to white spots as is highlighted on the Economy LED Panel. The cheaper Economy Panels also have a tendency of turning yellow over time.

Power Supply

Common Panel

Few components
Small Transformer
High Running Temperature
Does not Conform to TUV EMC Requirements

Bri-Tek Panel

More components
Transformer sized to Panel
Normal running temperature
Conforms to TUV, SAA, CB

The Premium LED Luminaire driver is designed to be efficient, run at a lower temperature and is more technically complex which gives reliability and a longer lifespan. The combination of the Premium Panel and driver ensures durability, a flicker free product, and longevity.


Common Panel

Not designed for hanging installations
No safety cables
No additional rigidity

Bri-tek Panel

Designed to be suspended or fixed
Option for safety cables
Corner bracket for additional rigidity

The Premium Panels not only have a simple design for hanging installations they also have a rigid back plate to prevent warping or damage in transit or when being fitted.


When you take all of the facts together it is quite clear that if you are looking for quality, durability, light consistency, and a longer lifespan the obvious answer would be one of Bri-Tek Technologies Premium LED Panel Range. In the long run these have shown to be the more cost effective product for our customers who look for quality and durability.