Home is where the heart is

Heating your home can be an extremely expensive task. In fact, the average UK home uses gas for central heating and spends around £550 each year on ‘space heating’ for the interior of their home alone, according to figures from The Department of Energy and Climate Change.

Whilst, for the four million households in Great Britain that do not have access to mains gas for heating, gas central simply isn’t an option. For savvy homeowners, InfraRed Heating Panels could provide a sustainable and cost-effective alternative for heating their homes.

With extensive experience in delivering energy efficient Infrared Heating technologies, our domestic heating solutions are efficiency designed to reduce your energy costs by up to 80%.

Our series of InfraRed Heating Panels are the first intelligent heating solutions designed to seamlessly deliver stylish design, highly-efficient heat distribution and substantial energy savings for your home.

Unlike conventional gas or electric heating systems, which heat rooms by warming the air, infrared heating works by directly heating walls, floors, furniture and other items located in the room, as well as your body. Heated objects then slowly release the warmth into the environment, without the need for air or any other medium to carry it.

What this means is the temperature in the room can be easily maintained and restored if needed, whilst the difference between floor and ceiling temperatures is significantly reduced, in turn significantly reducing your heating costs.

Our InfraRed Heating Panels are quick and easy to install in any home, from your bedroom to the conservatory, dining room or even the bathroom, with wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or even free-standing options available. In most cases, you may not even need an electrician, you can simply just plug the system in.

Once installed the systems required little to no maintenance or servicing, further delivering long-term savings when compared with more conventional heating systems.