Baggage Room Lighting

What are the busiest and most stressful places in an airport? Without question, baggage rooms will rank highly on such a survey. So, what can airports do to alleviate the inevitable? One of the ways is by doing what they can to make the experience easier for the passengers, and this is what great lighting can do! In the amidst of finding your baggage amongst the hundreds that are moving on the conveyor system, the only thing that can make it either easier or harder for the passengers is the lighting. More specifically how bright the lights are, and whether or not they make it easier to see the colour of the suitcases that are moving along.

So, what is the right lighting?

The answer: something that mimics natural daylight.

A natural lighting solution not only makes it easier to accurately see and locate the right baggage, but also enhances comfort for the passengers, making the process – the long wait, a little easier to endure.

Since baggage rooms are such large, integral parts of an airport, wouldn’t it be great to get it right the first-time round? Thats what Bri-Tek Technologies guarantees!

Our qualified team with over 10 years of experience in lighting solutions are more than capable and dependable to deliver on the outcome you desire. In addition to this, all our LED products are designed and manufactured to the highest industry level standard, so you can be certain the products we supply are sure to deliver true value and solid performance.

We offer a full-service installation; completing the audit, design, supply and install of your lighting. We also offer lighting plans so you can tailor your lighting to your space and the atmosphere you are going for.

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