IP64 Solar Bollard 360 Tracking Landscape Light



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The BLPV610S3W solar bollard is an energy-efficient lighting solution with auto sunlight tracking, multiple lighting modes, and weather-resistant design.


Introducing the BLPV610S3W, an IP64 rated solar bollard that offers reliable and energy-efficient lighting for outdoor spaces. Equipped with auto sunlight tracking, this bollard can efficiently capture sunlight and convert it into energy, ensuring a consistent and bright lighting experience.

Featuring a luminous flux of 300LM and a power output of 2.8W, this solar bollard provides efficient illumination while consuming minimal energy. Its high-capacity 3.7V 10AH battery offers a charging time of 15 hours, ensuring that the bollard is ready to illuminate your outdoor spaces all night long.

The BLPV610S3W is designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions, with a rainy day backup of more than 10 days. This bollard offers multiple lighting modes, including M1, which provides 300LM for 5 hours, followed by 100LM until dawn, M2, which offers 200LM until dawn, and M3, which provides 100LM until dawn.

In addition to its impressive lighting capabilities, the BLPV610S3W offers a high luminous efficiency of 230lm/W, providing bright and reliable illumination for your outdoor spaces. This solar bollard is also designed to be corrosion-resistant, with an IP66 rating, an IK10 rating for impact resistance, and a C4H rating for anti-corrosion.

Overall, the BLPV610S3W is a high-performance solar bollard that offers reliable and energy-efficient lighting for outdoor spaces. Its auto sunlight tracking, multiple lighting modes, and durable design make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to illuminate their outdoor spaces.


Luminous Flux300LM
Capacity3.7V 10AH
Charging Time15H
Luminous Efficiency230lm/W
Rainy Days Backup>10 Days
Lighting ModeM1:300LM 5hrs + 100LM Till dawn / M2: 200LM Till dawn / M3: 100LM Till dawn
IP/IK Class / Anti-corrosionIP66 / IK10 / C4H
Lightinggood for environmentally sensitive locations.


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